BCHS Memorial Garden Gets an Upgrade

The Bradford County Humane Society has many dedicated volunteers that come in weekly, sometimes even daily to walk dogs, wash dishes, or play with our cats.  One volunteer has worked at the shelter since 2003.  Leona Miller used to come into the shelter and wash cat litter pans, mow lawns, and keep up with other maintenance jobs.  Then she moved 1,200 miles away to Wisconsin.  That didn't stop her dedication to the shelter.  In the summertime Lee (Leona) will stop at BCHS and mow lawns or keep up with a memorial garden that she created on the property for her two beloved dogs that were adopted from BCHS. 
Magnum and Titan were both dogs that Lee fell in love with and had to take home to care for.  Magnum passed away in 2007 of cancer, and then recently Titan passed away also from a form of cancer.  "Titan used to dance with me every night and was always by my side. I have a deep hole in my heart and miss him terribly," says Miller. 
Although Miller is in pain she is grateful for the work and compassion that the staff has at BCHS.  "I thank God everyday for giving me this life to use to care for animals," states Miller.  "Coming to the shelter keeps me alive and makes me feel good about helping the staff and the animals at BCHS," she went on to say.
"Shelter dogs are sitting in their cages waiting for a home and are grateful when they are adopted," states Kennel Manager Maryanne Mosier who has worked at the shelter for over 22 years.
Recently Miller came to the shelter to add a memorial plaque to her memorial garden with Titan's name engraved on it.  "We are so thankful for Leona for her years of volunteer service for us, and feel her pain of the loss of her Titan.  We know how difficult losing a pet is." states Jennifer L. Spencer, BCHS Executive Director.
BCHS looks forward to the next visit that Lee makes and welcomes her and other volunteers openly. To become a volunteer at BCHS, stop in the shelter and fill out a volunteer application.