Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week September 17-23


In animal shelters across the country, stray dogs and cats and owner surrendered animals are sitting in cages waiting for that special person or family to come and adopt them. Unfortunately for some, their stay can be much longer because they are deemed "less adoptable" for some reason, or are not even considered by people who come in looking for a particular breed, or a puppy or kitten for instance.

Photo: Harriet, our longest term resident, has been at BCHS since March of 2011. has announced that September 17th - September 23rd is Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week. This is a chance for those special needs animals to be in the spotlight. Some dogs may be older, or have vision or hearing loss. That certainly doesn't make them unworthy of finding a comfy place by your fireplace, or at your feet or laying on the couch with you as you watch your favorite television show. There are cats that might have had surgery, or are very independent or "set in their ways." They still would like a comfy lap to lay on, or a place on your windowsill to sit in the sun and purr themselves to sleep.

Jennifer L. Spencer, Bradford County Humane Society Executive Director urges those looking for a pet to visit the shelter and view the adoptable pets. "Almost three years ago, I adopted a two-legged Chihuahua that was deemed very unadoptable because of her special needs. I took one look at those eyes and her spunky personality and knew that I had to take her home and care for her. Just because she has a disability doesn't mean that she isn't still a dog and loves to go for walks and play with her toys. She really is independent and is just like any other dog you know!"

There are a few dogs and cats at BCHS that have been at the shelter for many months. They need to find a home and be out of shelter life. We will feature one each day this week.

"Stop by your local animal shelter and take the time to look at all of the animals that are there. Trust me, one of them will find their way into your heart, and your home," states Spencer.