Hot Weather Means Proper Shelter Needed for Outside Dogs

Summer season is in full force and pet owners need to know the danger of hot weather and dogs that live outside. Dogs that are outside need to have proper shelter to protect them from the heat, rain, and inclement weather.

You can purchase dog houses at various home improvement stores or pet supply stores, or you can even build your own using wood.

The Bradford County Humane Society Humane Officer would like to remind you of the following:

The law of Pennsylvania Requires That You:
  • 1. Supply FRESH food, water and necessary Veterinary care for all animals in your care or on your property.
  • 2. Supply ALL animals' access to clean shelter sufficient to keep it dry, protect it from bad weather and be adequate to preserve its own body heat and shade to protect from the hot sun.
Not following the laws above could mean:
  • 1. Penalties
  • 2. Fines
  • 3. Forfeiture
  • 4. And or JAIL time
Questions The Humane Police Officer Has Received In Regards To The Above Law:

1. Do livestock such as horses, cows, donkeys, sheep, goats and pigs need shelter?

Reply: YES, they must at least have a three sided shelter that is clean and stays dry. A TREE LINE IS NOT CONSIDERED ADEQUATE SHELTER.

2. If a dog can get under a porch or under a vehicle is that considered to be adequate?

Reply: NO, They must have a coop or nice dog house that stays dry and is not in the mud. BEDDING MUST BE STRAW OR WOOD SHAVINGS ONLY, NO RAGS OR BLANKETS.

If you are a student and have built your own dog house, call BCHS and we can take a photo and send to local papers commending you for your hard work and dedication to the care of your pet!

If you have questions about the proper shelter for dogs, please call the Humane Officer Line at 570-888-4763.

Athens Sunday School Class Donates to BCHS

Mrs. Reynold's Sunday School Class at the Greater Valley Assembly of God in Athens, recently had fundraiser to help the animals at the Bradford County Humane Society. All 8 class members contributed and collected items for the shelter. Some collected bottles and cans to be exchanged for money. The Sunday school class chooses a different organization each year to raise funds for.

More than $300 was raised since before Christmas to purchase items from the BCHS wish list such as pet food, toys, treats and cleaning supplies.

After bringing the items to the shelter they were given as tour of the facility.

"We are so happy that they chose our shelter animals to benefit from their fundraiser! What a great group doing wonderful things for our community," stated Jennifer L. Spencer, BCHS Executive Director.

If you are interested in holding a fundraiser for BCHS contact Jennifer at 570-888-2114.

Photo: Jayanna Lynn, Tamara Reynolds, Elijah Lynn, Mikala Horton, Jordan Gray

Humane Police Officer Hired for Bradford and Sullivan Counties

The Bradford County Humane Society now has a Humane Police Officer capable of investigating and citing animal cruelty cases. Humane Police Officer James Canning was sworn into both Bradford and Sullivan County Courthouses and is a member of the Federated Humane Societies of Pennsylvania.

Photo - Officer Canning and Judge Beirne, Bradford County

The Humane Officer not only investigates possible signs of animal cruelty, but also stresses the importance of humane education. He will be conducting presentations at local elementary and high schools as well as educating the public on proper ways to care for animals.

Unfortunately, animal abuse does happen in our area. Each year around 300-400 calls are made to the animal cruelty line. The worst times of the year for abuse are in the hot summer months and the cold winter months. It is important to know that an outside dog must have proper shelter to protect against the hot sun. The dog must have access to fresh water. Do NOT leave your dog in the car! Even if you think you will be in a store for only five minutes, during that time the temperature inside a car can rise very fast. Leave your dog at home - it is safer.

If you see signs of possible animal abuse, call the Animal Cruelty Line at the Bradford County Humane Society at 570-888-4763.

Photo - Officer Canning and Judge Vandine, Sullivan County

Spayed and Neutered Cat Special at BCHS

For a limited time, starting now, any cat that is spayed or neutered can be adopted for only $25. "There are so many cats and kittens this time of year at our shelter. Each cat has their own personality and is just waiting for their chance to be adopted into their forever home," states Jennifer L. Spencer, BCHS Executive Director.

Some of the cats at BCHS have been at the shelter longer than others, but all are deserving of a loving home to call their own.

Photo: Velvet has been at BCHS for 4 years, since he was a tiny kitten. He is our longest term resident. Velvet is a handsome neutered male cat who is sociable without being cuddly. He follows visitors that he knows around the cat room and likes to be petted but not picked up. Velvet will take a while to settle into a new home, so he needs a patient family who is willing to give him the time he needs. Commotion scares him, so he would do best in a quiet home with no small children. He would be happy to share his people with other cats. Once he settles in and knows his family, he will probably be much more affectionate. Velvet is a really nice boy looking for the right home. Please help us send him home.

Stop into the shelter on Route 220 in Ulster and adopt your new best friend!

Local Church Donates to BCHS

Recently the children of the Youth Religious Education, as part of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Athens, held a fundraiser and brought in many pet supplies to the Bradford County Humane Society as well as a check for over $300.00.

This same group also made dog biscuits for the shelter and as giveaways for the 2nd Annual Paws for Celebration on April 9th that was held at Tomasso's.

"We are so pleased that the YRE thought of our shelter animals. We certainly appreciate all of their hard work!" stated Jennifer L. Spencer, BCHS Executive Director.

Photo: David Sampson, Lindsey Smith from YRE, Tom, Marjorie and Grace Sampson. Audrey, a dog available for adoption at BCHS, is also pictured.

Birthday Party Yields Presents for BCHS

Abby Miller, from Wyalusing area, recently had a birthday party for her 10th birthday. Instead of gifts for herself, she wanted people to bring in presents for the pets at the Bradford County Humane Society.

Toys, pet food, cat litter, bleach and other items were brought in by Abby and her family.

"We thank Abby for being so selfless and thinking of our adoptable pets before herself. Our animals will certainly benefit from her generosity," states Jennifer L. Spencer, BCHS Executive Director.

If you would like to hold a fundraiser and would like to know what our animals are in need of, contact Jennifer at 570-888-2114.

Photo: Abby Miller, and a dog that has been adopted.

PS Bank in Wysox Holds Fundraiser for BCHS

Recently, the employees of all PS Bank locations held a "Jean Day" where employees donated money to the Bradford County Humane Society in order to wear jeans to work.

"We are always so thankful to those in the community who think of our animals when holding a fundraiser of any sort. Thank you to the employees of PS Bank of Wysox!" stated Jennifer L. Spencer, BCHS Executive Director.

Photo: Maryanne Bell, BCHS Community Outreach Coordinator, Karen Stroud, Assistant Vice President/Mortgage Loan Originator at PS Bank Wysox, Mellie, Karen's Goldendoodle.