Sayre Theatre Showing of Warhorse Supports BCHS

Photo: Margie from Sayre Theatre, and Jennifer, Community Coordinator for BCHS. Update 1-24-12: In just one week supporters donated over $550 to BCHS for their rescue missions.

Starting Friday, January 13th until Thursday, January 19th, sayretheaterwarhorse300the new movie, Warhorse will be showing at the Sayre Theatre. Warhorse is an action-packed movie about a horse called Joey who's sent to help on the battlefields of World War I. It's the film version of the children's story.

Sayre Theatre is teaming up with the Bradford County Humane Society for the movie by having information on hand about humane investigations involving horses as well as information about the animal shelter. Donation jars will also be on hand for those wishing to donate to help their cause.

Bradford County Humane Officer Hawbaker receives many calls throughout the year concerning animal cruelty and neglect for all types of animals. In 2011 alone, 150 calls were received concerning horses not having adequate shelter, hay or were too thin. Especially during the winter months it is important for horses and other livestock to have appropriate shelter to keep warm and offset inclement weather, as well as having hay for warmth.

The Bradford County Humane Society would like to remind you if you see horses that are not in good condition to contact the Humane Officer's direct line at 570-888-4763.

BCHS and Sayre Theatre urge you to see this inspirational movie and donate to the shelter.