Last Two Rescued Chihuahuas Adopted!

As part of a recent humane investigation, six Chihuahuas, varying in age from young to 12-13 years old, male and female, were seized and signed over to the Bradford County Humane Society in Ulster. These six dogs were in very poor shape, needing immediate vet care especially for their teeth as shown in the photos posted in December. Their teeth were neglected to the point that they grew out in a deformed way, making eating difficult and creating sores in their mouths that are painful. One of the dogs had a heart issue that needed to be addressed. All 6 dogs were spayed and neutered.

These Chihuahuas did not have any training, were not familiar with leashes and did not know any commands. They are however, lovable animals, but are confused about where they are and leery of new people.

Their vet bills were extensive and after asking the community for assistance, over $750 was raised. Recently, four of the Chihuahuas were adopted and the 2 oldest Chihuahuas in the poorest condition were still available. On Wednesday, January 18th, Mary Watkins from Towanda came into the shelter looking for a small dog to adopt as her two Yorkies passed away. After seeing both Wolfgang and Amadeus, she knew she had to adopt both of them together. The staff was so pleased to see them get a home, knowing that they would be well cared for with Mary. The staff put coats on both dogs, and gave them both collars and leashes. We look forward to hearing how well they do in their new home.