Help BCHS This August

We have many, many kittens available for adoption!
The Bradford County Humane Society urges you to take time out of your busy schedule of work, getting the kids ready for school, taking vacations and other summer activities by thinking of all of the homeless animals at the shelter. "This time of year is so hard on animal shelters. We are so full with stray dogs, cats and even humane cases. We are in need of many things - volunteers, cat litter, pet supplies and for people to open their hearts and homes by adopting a loving animal," states Jennifer L. Spencer, BCHS Executive Director.

In 1992, the International Society for Animal Rights kicked off International Homeless Animal Day to raise awareness about the pet overpopulation epidemic in the U.S., with a focus on spay/neuter programs to reduce the number of unwanted animals.
Harriet is our longest term resident.

At the heart of the matter, International Homeless Animal Day isn't unlike SpayDay USA, Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, National Animal ShelterAppreciation Week, and several other similar awareness holidays. But with millions of pets dying in shelters every year, the heart of the matter is still broken and could use all the attention it can get. So, tomorrow is as good a day as any to start changing the future for homeless animals.

Here are four ways you can get involved:
  • Help someone get their pet spayed or neutered. With so many animals who need homes, accidental litters and careless backyard breeding only makes the problem worse. You can find a low-cost spay/neuter program in your area to support, or help a local rescue group or neighbor in need pay for the surgery. (And if your own dog or cat hasn't been snipped yet, change starts at home.) 
  • Volunteer at your local shelter. Any help you can provide frees up more resources for the animals. Tasks like dog walking not only improve the animals' quality of life while they're locked up, but the interaction, exercise and training that happens on the walks makes them infinitely more adoptable. And, if you're lucky, maybe you'll find your next companion while you're at it. 
  • Speak up for homeless animals. Help local shelters get the word out help get their animals loving homes. The animals need us to speak for them. 
  • Be the Change. Start a collection for monetary donations, pet food drives, or even collect blankets and towels for the dogs and cats at the shelter. 
These are all little things that can make a big difference. The homeless pet problem won't disappear overnight, but by the end of the day tomorrow, we can be one step closer ... and one step means lives saved.