Dille Parish UCC Donates to BCHS

Recently the Dille Parish UCC in Leraysville held a fundraiser for the Bradford County Humane Society. Each year they choose a local nonprofit that is in need to raise funds for. They donated over $60.00 as well as much needed cat litter, pet food, supplies, bleach, laundry detergent and other items.

This time of year is especially difficult on local animal shelters. BCHS in particular has been at full capacity and is in need of cat litter and kitten food at the moment.

"If you are looking for a pet, we urge you to come to our shelter and open your heart to one of our homeless animals," states Jennifer L. Spencer, BCHS Executive Director. BCHS operates on grants and donations. All donations are appreciated. BCHS is a member agency of the United Way of Bradford County.

Photo: Linda Carr and Becky Hicks from Dille Parish UCC