BCHS Launches Updated Website and Blog

Readers here already know about the blog, but here is the whole press release:

Photo: Kelly Pakes (left) with her dogs Bailey and Jake. Jennifer Spencer (right) with her dog Rudy. All three dogs were adopted from BCHS this year.

For over 5 months, Bradford County Humane Society Community Coordinator Jennifer L. Spencer and volunteer webmaster Kelly Pakes have been working to improve and revamp the website for the Bradford County Humane Society.

“One of my personal main goals since working at the shelter was to improve our website, making it more user-friendly and just easier on the eyes. Kelly Pakes has been instrumental with modifying the site, updating all of the individual pages and making all of the revisions. Without her patience and skills we wouldn’t have been able to do this,” says Spencer.

One of the biggest improvements to the site is a blog page. All of the news articles, event photos, happy endings, and interesting stories are placed on this page. Blog posts are archived so the community can view past articles easily.

Also redesigned is the background layout of the site and the way available pets are viewed. “I really think this makes it easier for people to see all of our available pets up for adoption,” says Spencer. A link on the main page takes you directly to the pet list.

Those wishing to donate to BCHS via Paypal can easily click on the icon on the main page. “We get quite a few donations via paypal, especially during the holiday season. We are lucky to have such a compassionate community that is willing to share their support with our shelter,” states Spencer.

Pakes has been updating the website and taking weekly photos for over 12 years and has been the only webmaster since BCHS joined Petfinder in 1999. Petfinder hosts the BCHS website and provides the pet list for free. “We usually do a major overhaul of the website every two years. This time we added a slide show and news scroller on the home page and simplified the layout. We replaced news, happy endings, and event listings with a blog which is helpful to supporters because they can subscribe to receive new posts via email or a blog reader rather than remembering to check the website to see what's new,” states Pakes.

Take the time to look at the new website, view our adoptable pets, and if you can, donate to BCHS this holiday season.

Remember your new best friend might be waiting for you at BCHS!