Hot Weather Means Proper Shelter Needed for Outside Dogs

Summer season is in full force and pet owners need to know the danger of hot weather and dogs that live outside. Dogs that are outside need to have proper shelter to protect them from the heat, rain, and inclement weather.

You can purchase dog houses at various home improvement stores or pet supply stores, or you can even build your own using wood.

The Bradford County Humane Society Humane Officer would like to remind you of the following:

The law of Pennsylvania Requires That You:
  • 1. Supply FRESH food, water and necessary Veterinary care for all animals in your care or on your property.
  • 2. Supply ALL animals' access to clean shelter sufficient to keep it dry, protect it from bad weather and be adequate to preserve its own body heat and shade to protect from the hot sun.
Not following the laws above could mean:
  • 1. Penalties
  • 2. Fines
  • 3. Forfeiture
  • 4. And or JAIL time
Questions The Humane Police Officer Has Received In Regards To The Above Law:

1. Do livestock such as horses, cows, donkeys, sheep, goats and pigs need shelter?

Reply: YES, they must at least have a three sided shelter that is clean and stays dry. A TREE LINE IS NOT CONSIDERED ADEQUATE SHELTER.

2. If a dog can get under a porch or under a vehicle is that considered to be adequate?

Reply: NO, They must have a coop or nice dog house that stays dry and is not in the mud. BEDDING MUST BE STRAW OR WOOD SHAVINGS ONLY, NO RAGS OR BLANKETS.

If you are a student and have built your own dog house, call BCHS and we can take a photo and send to local papers commending you for your hard work and dedication to the care of your pet!

If you have questions about the proper shelter for dogs, please call the Humane Officer Line at 570-888-4763.