Spring Rabies Clinic on April 18

The Bradford County Humane Society and Towanda Creek Animal Hospital have once again teamed up to provide a low cost Rabies Clinic for the local community.

On Sat, April 18th from 10-Noon people may bring their leashed dogs or cats in crates to Bishop's True Value (the building behind the True Value Store) on Route 220 in Ulster . Patrons must also bring the pets' current rabies shot record.

The cost for the rabies vaccination is only $8.00.

This year 2015 dog licenses will also be offered to those in need. Costs vary dependent on whether the dog is altered and whether the owner is disabled or a senior citizen.

"It is extremely important for animals to have a current rabies shot. Even if you think your cat is only an inside cat, or your dog would never come into contact with the rabies virus, you could be wrong. There has been some incidents of various wildlife being contaminated with rabies. The last thing you would want is to put your animals' life or your own life in danger, by your pet possibly contracting the rabies virus," states Jennifer L. Spencer, BCHS Executive Director.

Photo: Clyde is a very friendly adult neutered male Pit Bull mix who likes everyone. He behaves well on a leash and appears to be house trained. Clyde has nice manners, takes treats politely, and knows sit. He is a quiet dog who will be good company without being hyper. He can get his exercise on a treadmill if the weather isn't suitable for long walks. Clyde loves to play and can be rambunctious, so we recommend a home with no small children. He can be rowdy, but calms down quickly. Clyde understands clicker training, so a clicker can be used to help him learn the rules of a new home. He appears to be friendly with cats. Clyde is ready and willing to be your new best friend.