Local Girl Holds Birthday Party and BCHS Pets Receive Gifts

Photo: Brother Chase Watkins, birthday girl Madeline Watkins

Madeline Watkins, originally from Bradford County, recently held a party for her 7th birthday. Instead of receiving gifts for herself, she wanted to help out the homeless animals at the Bradford County Humane Society. Twenty people attended her birthday party held on April 26th and many items were brought as gifts to the animals such as pet food, toys, bleach, and cat litter.

The BCHS staff and shelter animals want to thank her and her family and friends for thinking of them!

BCHS is always in need of items such as bleach, cat litter, kitten food and canned cat food. If you or your family member would like to hold a birthday party or other fundraiser for the shelter call 888-2114 for more information.