Thank You BCHS Volunteers

During this National Volunteer Week from April 15th - April 21st, the Bradford County Humane Society would like to honor the hundreds of volunteers who have kept the Ulster shelter functioning for more than 37 years and the many new volunteers who will work with us for years to come.

Volunteers do everything from walking dogs, socializing and grooming cats, working at fundraisers, to baking dog biscuits, transporting pets, donating dog coops; from calling in cruelty cases to bringing in lost pets and collecting and dropping off supplies.

In so many ways, we recognize that you have given unselfishly to support this cause. Without the assistance of volunteers, our mission of alleviating pain and suffering of animals and promoting the humane treatment of all living things would not be possible.

Thank you, shelter volunteers, for creating so many happy endings for so many of our needy animal companions for so many years. The BCHS Board of Directors and staff thank each and every one of you.