Sullivan County High School Student Chooses BCHS For Senior Project

Many local high school seniors have to complete a senior project before graduating. The Bradford County Humane Society sees students from all areas including Wyalusing, Sayre, Athens, and even Sullivan County.

One student, Sequoya Vandine, from Sullivan County High School chose BCHS for her senior project. “I chose The Bradford County Humane Society because I love animals so much and I wanted to help them,” Vandine stated during her presentation. Vandine showed photos of animals that she worked with and photos of some of her favorites, including a dog named Daisy that has since been adopted and a cat named Skitter. She also showed the proper way to use collars and leashes.

She invited her mentor, Jennifer L. Spencer, BCHS Community Coordinator to her school presentation on March 6th. “I was really honored that she would invite me to her presentation, she did an excellent job,” states Spencer. Spencer brought her adopted dog Grace, a Chihuahua that was born without her front legs and was rescued by BCHS 2 years ago.

For over a month Sequoya came to BCHS every Saturday to volunteer. She would walk dogs, groom and socialize with the cats, wash dishes and even help to clean. “She really saw all aspects of how our shelter operates. I think it is important for the community to get an understanding of what it takes to take care of our homeless animals. It takes a lot of compassion, caring, and hard work,” states Spencer. Sequoya is also holding an ongoing fundraiser with local businesses.

Students who choose BCHS for their senior project get a lot of hands on experience with the animals. First, the student must complete volunteer orientation. During this learning session, students get an understanding of the history of the shelter, the do’s and don’ts of a volunteer, proper ways to walk dogs and fundraising assistance.

After orientation is completed, the student may volunteer at the shelter during regular business hours, and help out at BCHS events. “Our shelter holds many of our own fundraisers throughout the year. We have a lot of students that assist us by working at our booth or being a dog handler during our summer events,” states Spencer.

If you are a student interested in doing your senior project at BCHS, please contact Jennifer at 570-888-2114 for more information.